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[ENG/JP] [GotCha!] 방용국 BANG YONGGUK, 편집을 감행할 수 밖에 없었던 미친 솔직함!?

rhybeat 오리지널 기획 GotCha! - 당신이 한번도 받아보지 못한 12가지 질문 [방용국 BANG YONGGUK 편] #리빗 #rhybeat #GotCha ...

[ENG][20190326] Bang YongGuk: Spoken Profile, Newsade

Original video: Let's learn a little more about soloist Bang YongGuk.

[ENG][20190320] Bang YongGuk: On Living Alone, Casper Radio

Original Video: Bang YongGuk talks about his daily life.


Cr. Uoosee (Make a wish) [BANG YONGGUK] FAN WISH part 1. Greetings for global fans and All of Bang.

Bang Yong-guk est un rescapé de la K-Pop | TRACKS - ARTE

Bang Yong-guk est un rescapé de la K-Pop : repéré par une agence d'idols, il signe un contrat de sept ans avec un label.


Check out "KPOP PROBLEMS [DOUBLE STANDARDS]" - Check out the Official ...

190829 BANG YONGGUK 방용국 수료식 1

190829 BANGYONGGUK 수료식 V_1 28TH DAY x D-542🧡 TWITTER:

DFLA X B.A.P Interview

The warriors of B.A.P had their first APAHM: Live on Earth tour and heated things up at the Club Nokia. Hours before the concert ...

[ENG][20190320] Bang YongGuk: Double Entendre of "Ya," Casper Radio

Original Video: Bang YongGuk introduces his new song "Ya"


We had the chance to meet BAP Members!! Thanks Yongguk, Jongup and Youngjae for your time and your kindness!! Enjoy the ...

Der Überlebende des K-Pop Bang Yong-Guk | Arte TRACKS

Bang Yong-guk ist ein Überlebender des K-Pop. Mit 21 Jahren wurde er Frontmann der berühmten K-Pop-Boygroup B.A.P – Best ...

Bang Yongguk | Ya (first performance) - Live in London | European Tour 2019

My tour video from BYG's concert in London - 27 March 2019 This one was particularly popular with the ladies in the ...

KCrush Interview with Bang Yong guk

KCrush Interview with Bang Yong guk KCrush Interview with Ladies' Code #KCRUSH #INTERVIEW #KCRUSHINTERVIEW ...

190327 BANG YONGGUK fancam in London || 1st Europe Tour [full concert]

He is my ultimate bias and my everything. All the concert was so emotional and I cried so many times. Enjoy and stan Bang ...

Bang Yongguk in 5 Minutes

A mini-guide to B.A.P's leader, Bang Yongguk. Not a super serious guide. And of course, I couldn't include everything here, so I ...

[ENG] 151224 B.A.P Yongguk TV

Video credits: 더스타/The Star Subtitles brought to you by BAPsubbers, an international subbing team for B.A.P. No copyright ...

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