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Esther Williams - 1999

A 1999 story by "Our Man in Hollywood", Jim Brown with Esther Williams on the release of her autobiography. Williams and Brown ...

Esther Williams 2007 Interview

In November of 2007 on Good Morning America. The lovely, Diane Sawyer caught up with her childhood hero Esther Williams.

What's My Line? - Esther Williams (Jan 16, 1955)

MYSTERY GUEST: Esther Williams PANEL: Dorothy Kilgallen, Robert Q. Lewis, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

1999: 'Million Dollar Mermaid' describes her start

In 1999, Esther Williams talked with Larry King about how she went from being a competitive swimmer to a Hollywood star.


18 Movie Trailers in year sequence - 1942 to 1956.ANDY HARDY'S DOUBLE LIFE 1942 BATHING BEAUTY 1942 THRILL OF A ...

Esther Williams: News Report of Her Death - June 6, 2013

Iconic classic era actress, Esther Williams, has died. She was 91 years old. sther Jane Williams (August 8, 1921 – June 6, 2013) ...

Music+Cinema: Bathing Beauty 2)Esther Williams ballet- Le Bal des sirènes

Le Bal des sirènes (Bathing Beauty) 1944, hilarante comédie musicale aquatique de George Sidney, avec un duo explosif, Esther ...

Esther Williams - Easy To Love

From the Soundtrack of the MGM Motiion Picture "Easy To Love" Producer: Joe Pasternak, Director: Charles Walters. Turner ...

Esther Williams: Princess Mermaid

Ah, the sweet escapism of a Esther Williams movie.... This is a homage to Hollywood's Princess Mermaid, the wet and wonderful, ...

Olympics - 1984 Los Angeles - ABC Profile - Synchronized Swimming & Ester Williams imasportsphile

Vintage sports comedy & music...370 hrs.posted (1400 videos)...1900 hrs. more to post at

Esther Williams, 1948. Fernando Alvarez & Orquestra Xavier Cugat,1948,"Copacabana".

Esther Williams, 1948. Fernando Alvarez & Orquestra Xavier Cugat,1948,"Copacabana". Informações: cenas com Esther Williams ...


Película ( PAGAN LOVE SONG )1950 Dirección ROBERT ALTON.

Jupiter's Darling (1955) - ESTHER WILLIAMS - Citation's_Darling_(film) ...

Esther Williams meets Sebastien Leger

Esther Williams and Sebastien Leger. They get very "wet" each other, enjoy it!! :O) Video: "Million Dollar Mermaid" (1952) Audio: ...

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