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Fiona answers your questions - part 1

From the Tumblr Q&A at The Questions: 1 Advice for wannabe musicians? How do I get in ...

Fiona Apple – CraigFerguson - Get Him Back + interview

Recorded 17 Feb 2006 Air date: 18 Feb 2006 This is a slight quality upgrade compared to the other uploads of this. 480p.

Fiona Apple - Interview by Sacha Frere-Jones

4th November 2006 (Charlie Rose show)

Fiona Apple on Kimmel - Interview & Song (2006)

Sorry about the sound quality... Fiona Apple promotes her album "Extraordinary Machine" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Fiona talks with ...

Fiona Apple on "making people feel free" through music

Fiona Apple's new album "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" was released April 17 and has already become a massive hit, with music site ...

Fiona Apple - First TV interview

Fiona Apple's first ever TV interview, conducted when she appeared at KCRW radio, with TV reporter and producer Adam ...

Fiona Has Wings (Fiona Apple Documentary)

Over the last two decades, Fiona Apple has released only five studio albums. This documentary seeks to understand the soul ...

FIONA APPLE Citizens Arrest EP. 1

Not totally sure what this little video zine thing I'm making is but at the moment my intentions are to film some conversations with ...

Fiona Apple - 1997 Lilith Fair interview

This is just the Fiona parts, Full version here:

Fiona Apple's Interview at Andrew Zuckerman's Music

Fiona Apple's Interview at Andrew Zuckerman's Music.

Fiona Apple - interview about Extraordinary Machine LP - 2006-06-20

A chat about "Free Fiona" and the dilated release of "Extraordinary Machine" album. A live broadcast from Los Angeles TV studios ...

Artist on Artist: Fiona Apple and Zach Galifianakis

Comedian Zach Galifianakis and Fiona Apple interview.

Fiona Apple - Not About Love (Video)

Fiona Apple's official music video for 'Not About Love'. Click to listen to Fiona Apple on Spotify: ...

Fiona Apple good/interesting interview bits compilation

compilation of good/interesting fiona apple interview bits.

Fiona Apple's Interview at Charlie Rose Show

Fiona Apple's Interview at Charlie Rose Show by Sasha Frere-Jones about Apple's album "Extraordinary Machine", and her ...

Fiona Apple dancing and playing with her dog

Fiona Apple dancing and playing with her dog 'mercy'… [Video shot by Zelda Hallman]

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