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Blood on the Dance Floor - "BEWITCHED" - Official Music Video - featuring - Lady Nogrady

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Why Did BOTDF Break Up?

Not here to start a comment war or make up any bullshit. Just stating the facts and moving on with my life. Right or wrong!

Have A Seat With Chris Hansen ft. Mal Levy, Tesah Jordin & Ashlee Lillie Discussing Dahvie Vanity

Tonight we welcome Mal Levy & Tesah Jordin, and welcome back Ashlee Lillie!

Why Nogrady's cringey interview does make sense.

botdf #dahvievanity #ladynogrady #chrishenson #repzion #mentalwellness.

Dahvie Vanity: Interview With Damien Leonhardt (Jessi Slaughter)

Continuing the Dahvie Vanity investigation in an eye opening interview with Damien Leonhardt formally known as Jessi Slaughter ...

onision's parents share their side of the story

so the article talking about onision's parent's side of the story is out! oops sorry i forgot to link the article. Here is the article ...


BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR is one of the most controversial bands in the scene today and, whether you love them or hate ...

My Interview With Dahvie Vanity Survivor: WINTER

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce Winter. She will be wearing a medical mask for this interview, due to her profession. Winter ...

Have A Seat with Chris Hansen ft. Holly & Ashlee

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Trump Girl vs. Bernie Girl (Andi Loveday vs Nicole Nogrady)

Now that Election 2016 is behind America the US now finds its self in the middle riots and protests taking place across the nation.

Have A Seat featuring Blaire White, Jay, and Sebastian Discussing Dahvie Vanity

Tonight we have @Blaire White , Jay VonMonroe, and Sebastian Murdock.

Have A Seat With Chris Hansen ft. Mal Levy, Ari & Torein Discussing Dahvie Vanity

Tonight as we continue the Dahvie Vanity investigation we welcome back Mal Levy, and welcome Ari and Torein to discuss an ...

Dahvie Vanity

Dahvie Vanity.

The Bitter "Fall" Of Chris Hansen | The Anti-Onision Files

The Bitter "Fall" Of Chris Hansen | The Anti-Onision Files | Oreo ▻ Disclaimer: (⚠️Please Read⚠️) I Nicholas DeOrio do not ...

Trapt - Chris Brown Interview - Lambgoat Vanflip Podcast (Ep. 23)

Support The Vanflip Patreon: Lambgoat Presents: The Vanflip Podcast Episode #023 ...

Dahvie Vanity: Interview With Mal Levy (Former Merch Girl)

We continue the investigation into Dahvie Vanity with Mal Levy who was a former merch girl and witnessed some illega activities.

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