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Shakespears Sister SINGLES PARTY & Tour Interview 15/05/2019

Siobhan Fahey & Marcella Detroit album review, for more go to ...

2019 Shakespears Sister - Interview The Graham Norton Show

The social part of the show for the ladies after their performance which is posted seperately.

Shakespears Sister / Siobhan Fahey Interview 1988

Siobhan Fahey talking to Mick Brown on the Night Network (UK) in 1988 about Shakespears Sister.

Shakespears Sister - MTV Australia interview 1989 Siobhan Fahey

Siobhan Fahey came to Australia with then-husband Dave Stewart during the Eurythmics tour of Australia in 1989, and did this ...

Siobhan Fahey (Shakespears Sister) 2TV Interview, 1995

Siobhan Fahey (Shakespears Sister) 2TV (Ireland) Interview, 1995.

Shakespears Sister Interview (Edit)

Siobhan speaks during her 2010 UK tour. (SHORT EDITED VERSION) (C) 2010 SIobhan Fahey.

Shakespears Sister Mini Doc Part 3: Stay

'Singles Party (1988 - 2019)' Out Now: Siobhan & Marcy discuss the creation and concept behind ...

Bananarama - Rough Justice Live, Siobhan Fahey interview - EarSay, 1984

Bananarama - Rough Justice Live, Siobhan Fahey interview - EarSay, 1984 Interview by Gary Crowley.

Shakespears Sister: Loose Women (ITV1 17/11/2009)

Siobhan Fahey on Loose Women, broadcasted by ITV1. Transmitted on 17 Novmeber 2009. (C) 2009 Granada Television and ...

Siobhan Fahey - Chooses the Tracks Of My Years - Radio Broadcast 26/07/2019

Chosen Tracks: The Jam The Bitterest Pill ( I Ever Had To Swallow ) Cher Bang Bang ( My Baby Shot Me Down) The Smiths How ...

2013 Bananarama Interview back and time with Siobhan Fahey

Just our favorite girls having a a great time appreciating their roots.


Don't miss a beat! Subscribe to We Are Hear ▻ A Blue Hats Creative production in association with ...

Siobhan Fahey about Malcolm McLaren

Cute and Funny Siobhan Fahey about Bananas and Malcolm McLaren.

Bananarama - Three's Company (1988 BBC Documentary)

Bananarama - Three's Company (1988 BBC Documentary)

2017 Bananarama - Reunion Interview with Siobhan Fahey (Shakespears Sister)

So fabulous for this to have happened. True Friends. Timeless Music.

shakespears sister Interview MTV

FRom one of my old VHS tapes.

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